When I reached the half century mark three years ago I found myself suddenly a single father to two pre-teen children and completely lost in a society that bore no resemblance to the one I had assumed still existed. Since then, I have adapted to the new reality and begun exploring a society and culture that seems to have little use for men of my generation.

Here you will find my take on modern life heavily flavored with mockery and sarcasm and deep fried in Southern attitude. I have little patience for stupid and even less for political correctness. Skewering sacred cows raised at the teat of the bloated cow we call multiculturalism will be a regular theme. If harsh language and straight forward speech offends you, good, I will have accomplished my goal.

I have no intention of creating a blog. This will be a repository of my observations, ramblings and parts of books I am writing. Much of the ravings you will find are little more than fleshed out thoughts provoked by my favorite blogger. Some things do not belong and others are far too complex to fit into a brief comment.