The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART IV

The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART IV

A Caliphate inside A Conundrum Wrapped in a Lie


23 Mar. 17

Since its inception as the Suffrage Movement, the very different handling of womens movements versus other types of mostly mens labor movements has been the focus of much scrutiny by attentive radicals. Contrast the treatment of the various unionist and anti-unionist movements of the late 19th century with the Suffrage movement which occurred in the same era. Western women were accorded a far lighter hand by the authorities than the mens movements, some of which were put down with brutal efficiency when they began to spiral out of control. The typical male movement usually ended with bodies in the street and the sound of bone breaking. The womens protests were dealt with in a manner befitting the more traditional gender roles, despite some of the marches having small groups of socialist agitators seeded amongst the typical housewives and genuinely passionate activists. That difference was not lost on the early Socialist Party of America and its various offshoots. Had they not been so busy fighting among themselves and paid more heed to the First Wave, they might have managed to co-opt the Suffragettes themselves and begun their takeover thirty years sooner. As it was, many of the most influential socialist thinkers and writers of the day recognized the potential and wrote extensively on how a womens movement could be used to bring down Western Men and usher in a socialist utopia free of the bonds of marriage, parenthood and personal responsibility. One of its most influential female leaders was the writer, Charlotte Gilman. In her 1898 treatise, “Women and Economics” she advocates for the end of the “sexual economic relationship”, her depiction of marriage. In her later works in the early 1900’s she expands on her utopian ideal by basically engineering marriage, parenthood, personal property and individual freedom out of human relations and indeed out of engineering. Her work, especially “Women and Economics”, “The Home” and “Human Work” read like an Orwellian nightmare and is the theoretical basis for the entire Second and Third Wave feminist movements, once the progressive/socialist party took over, should be required reading for Western Men. Not because it will stop what has been done, but because it will teach Men the depth and breadth of their folly.

Now we come to the end stages of the most successful Fifth Column in human history. Third Wave feminism, a vehicle for a socialist insurgency, not a movement for womens rights, has succeeded in its mission to separate Western Men from women in such a way that the damage cannot be repaired in the lifetime of any living person. The strategy of the progressive socialists has been one of the long view insurgent. They patiently built their base of support within the system that Western Men designed and slowly turned that system into a relentless indoctrination system using cradle to grave infusions of half truths and outright lies to poison the well. The very foundations of Western civilization are now its greatest enemy. Through the corruption of law, the creation of mandatory indoctrination in the guise of education, the ruthless enforcement of political correctness, the bastardization of language and the deliberate dismantling of the family structure, the cabal of Third Wave feminism and the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat party has successfully created a multi-generational rift between the sexes and ended the civilizing influence of the family structure. The rift is not complete, no amount of deceit will ever completely defeat a million years of evolutionary biology or ten thousand years of ingrained tradition. It doesn’t have to be 100%, history changing events are never sparked by the masses that suffer them, they need only a small percentage to start the fire.

In America, the divorce rate has been as high as 60% in recent years. At the same time the rate of marriages has declined by about 30%. This trend began in the early seventies and began an unprecedented acceleration in the mid nineties, roughly corresponding with the ascension of Third Wave feminism. The trend began to stabilize in the mid to late 00’s at around 40% for divorce and a steadily declining rate of new and second marriages.

Why is this important?

Because Western birth rates have dropped below the ability to sustain itself for one. Not only are Western Men no longer creating replacements, they are now two generations behind the curve. Third Wave feminism has convinced women that children serve only the sexual pleasure of men and that Men only want babies to keep women chained to the stove, unable to realize their full potential. Traditional gender roles have been used as a stick against men based on the lie that evolutionary biology is a myth. Despite the obvious lie, women have bought the propagandist lie hook line and sinker. In ever growing numbers women are turning away from seeing men as mates and someone who loves them for the long term and have been convinced that their only value lies in their sexual availability. Women have been convinced that marriage and family are no more than slavery and that “riding the carrousel” throughout their marriage and childbearing years is more fulfilling and self affirming than marrying a good man and raising a family. Any quick perusal of a womans magazine, or the online world shows that this concept has gone mainstream and now is the “norm” amongst the last two generations of women and will likely only accelerate over the next several generations since “mommy and daddy” are now the exception in American homes, replaced by “baby momma and baby daddy” as the most frequent gender identifier. The endless parade of temporary sexual partners is a powerful teaching tool for those women with children. It teaches their offspring the false lesson that men are throwaway distractions and women serve no purpose to them outside the bedroom. That lesson has now been taught across generations, a primary goal of the progressive socialists because a long view strategy requires self fueling societal trends. Men have now been removed from the American family, leaving government as father. And this goal is now complete.

The next goal on the progressive socialist agenda was to finalize the 1970’s trend of women as economic entities of their own. By the 2000’s the last vestiges of economic dependence of women on men had been largely broken. The Third Wave feminist and progressive alliance had successfully managed to import sufficient numbers of illegals into the country to dilute the lower middle class and much of the remaining middle class’ wages to the point of less than subsistence. Along with the deliberate exporting of manufacturing through the democrat sponsored punitive taxation and over regulation of business, the labor/wage dilution finished off the middle class by either eliminating the jobs all together or so lowering the wage through a willful low wage labor glut that the jobs available to most in the rural areas were insufficient to maintain the one income nuclear family. Never think this was not deliberate and long planned. The groundwork for this was laid in the original socialist movement in the 19th century, the body of written work on this plan is exhaustive and thoroughly documented. In the early days, 1890 and up until right after WW2 they didn’t bother to hide the way they did after the ascension of the Soviet Union in the aftermath of the Rosenbergs treason.

Illegal immigration and border security have been political issues since 1960. Western Man put a man on the moon in less than a decade, only a deliberate and widespread cabal could have stopped the closure of the southern border. At any point up to about 1996 the states themselves could have done so, up until January 2017 the President could have done so and sealing it would take about 12 hours. Border security is part and partial to national security and national security is the sole province of the Executive branch, or it was. It appears that President Trump has now ceded national defense to the Judicial branch, a goal long sought by the progressive wing of the Democrat party.

We now have come to the present day. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads, Western Civilization has died, not in the fires of a nuclear hell but rather in the lingering bitterness of apathetic indifference. For the Men of the West the long slow strangulation has been exhausting. Between the efforts of the feminist/progressive alliance to destroy the family structure and the efforts of government to kill him through endless wars he was not allowed to win, and a court system that relegated Western Man to third class status in his own home the struggle has temporarily sapped him of his strength and the will to resist the tide. The presidential election of 2016 was seen at first as a reawakening of Western Man by many. Only a few months into the new era it has become obvious that it was not. What had been felt to be a beacon of hope to Western civilization has proven itself to be little more than a distraction from the machinations of our enemy.

Third Wave feminism has now allied itself with radical Islam, this shows two things.

First , they realize that they have won the hearts and minds campaign. They no longer need to stay in the shadows. The strident calls for Shariah as a liberation call to women in the West at the recent Womens marches all over America and the other Western democracies, and the wide public support from the Democrat party for them, proves their alliance is not only real, but welcomed in the seats of political power in Washington. The unleashing of this unexpected alliance in the aftermath of the November election is a deliberate shot across the bow of Western men. This was done to show that financial support for their cause now can flow from the nations of Islam in a manner that undermines the remains of Western civilization and comes with a built in army to create a sense of threat to any that would oppose it. That was the idea behind it. That is what the movement wanted as a takeaway for the public to consume. But it also sends a more important message aimed straight at Western Men. The imagery is well crafted and willfully deliberate. The subtext of Shariah as a siren call to Western women as a form of liberty tells Western Men that we are considered less than dogs now. The implication of Islam as the defender of women now is ludicrous on its face and deliberately baiting to men on a psychological level. Western women have rejected Western Men as suitable partners in the family structure but willingly ally with a system that literally treats them worse than the family milk goat?

That subtext has not gone unnoticed.

Second, the secret leadership and guiding hand of Third Wave feminism, the progressive wing of the Democrat party, has played its hold card. The courts, long stacked with unelected legislators, has been deployed to perform a coup and reverse a lawful presidential election. In concert with their socialistic allies in the House and Senate, the Judiciary has moved to depose a sitting President in place. Using classified information leaked from operatives inside the intelligence community and committee, Congress has effectively made it impossible for the President to govern. The courts have stripped him of his plenary power to defend the nation, a power solely granted to the president. The Democrat congress along with their Republican allies have thwarted the ability to seat a cabinet, leaving governance in the hands of the existing, democrat appointed bureaucrats who have and will continue to refuse to implement lawful directives of the Executive. The 9th circuit court, in direct contradiction of Constitutional provisions and long settled law, have used campaign rhetoric rather than legal documentation to impose their legislative decisions. There is no basis whatsoever for that decision. It, in fact, contravenes long existing statute that makes campaign rhetoric inadmissible. They have granted legal citizen status to foreign nationals who have never put foot on American soil and stripped the American citizen of his right to vote in doing so. And no one had done a thing to stop it. Nor will they.

Welcome to defeat.

There is no reversing the damage done, multi-generational rifts cannot be repaired, only survived. The economic system has been damaged to the point where even if it could be restored, building the factories that would return the jobs will take decades. The last twelve years have seen an outflow of American capital, primarily to non-western central banks, that dwarfs the entire GDP of the planet for ten years. That alone enslaves the American taxpayer to foreign entities for two generations at the very least.

An entire generation of our young men has spent fighting a war they were not allowed to win. Many died, many more were wounded and even more are mentally and emotionally wrecked from spending more time in direct combat in a single year than most saw throughout the entire period of WW2.

Men have seen their rights as parents stripped by the courts and many divorced men have no legal right to even see their children, much less teach them how to be men.

Western women have been convinced that their goal in life should be to work, remain single and sleep with as many men as possible before settling down to a childless, loveless existence with some desperate man and a house full of cats where they live in comfy retirement with no responsibility or passion. That one alone should have been a clue for women. Men built computers and spacecraft, we aren’t stupid.

The family is broken. Single parent households are now the rule, not the exception.

America now has tens of millions of disaffected, economically ravaged, childless, unmarried and hopeless men. America has millions more young men without fathers, being raised by single women and the state with no male role model that didn’t come off of Craigslist or Tinder and their sisters are being taught by both example and the state that their worth is only in the workplace or on the carrousel.

That is the unintended consequence of the Tripartide Dominion. Not that this isn’t the result they wanted. It is. Without the family structure there is nothing but service to the state. That was the goal. The unintended consequence is the lefts failure to read a history that they had not rewritten in their politically correct hindsight.

Had they bothered to do so, they would found out an inescapable fact of having millions of males with no civilizing factor and ho hope. This has happened over and over again throughout written history. The result has been the same in every single instance. Until the last 100 years of the Pax Americanus, governments understood what happens when men have no civilizing factor. Under these conditions, men do not simply bow to fate, it is not in our nature. We build societies, cities and civilizations because we are civilized by women, family and responsibility. When we no longer have those influences?

Ask the Roman Empire. Ask the Ottoman Empire. Ask the Chin Empire. Ask any of the great empires of history. Ask any of the civilizations that arose and became legendary.

Oh, wait. You can’t. Could it be that history teaches us the undeniable nature of Men? It is a lesson that was forgotten, but will very soon be taught again. Men build civilizations when we are civilized. Guess what happens when men have no reason to be civilized?



23 Mar. 17


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