The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART III

The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART III

Third Wave Bedfellows and the Law of Unintended Consequences


22 Mar. 17

Third Wave Feminism.

While the Second Wave feminist movement sought to abolish traditional marriage and change male/female moral and social codes, it also saw the implementation of a long view tactical maneuver to accelerate the decline of society by subterfuge. Both activities were wildly successful. During the late stages of the Second Wave the outright socialist/quasi-soviet wing of the Democrat party had a serious falling out with their Soviet handlers over how to proceed and eventually the two split. With the Soviet Union in decline and a more patient, less overtly hostile progressive wing now on its own, the decision was made to pull back from the feminist movement and concentrate on the new policy of political correctness. The resultant slow collapse of support for the Second Wave movement did two things to further the goals of the progressive apparatchik. First, it took the publics focus off of them and allowed them to continue their takeover of academia and the press from the shadows. The Reagan Era was a boon to this tactic as it turned all eyes outward to the goal of a bloodless victory against communism. The second boon was the creation of a massive organizational structure that the progressives used to great effect in spreading their ideology and sowing dissent even further into everyday family life. It was the left over cadre of Second Wave feminists, the hardcore elements, that focused on destroying traditional morality based society and the family structure.

The Second Wave had achieved its primary goal of “freeing” women from the remains of coverture and the supposed tyranny of marriage. I cannot stress enough how much damage that did. On its face, it allowed women a degree of personal freedom that had been supposedly denied them. The right to contract in their own name (which already existed in state law) it also freed women to start their own business (which already existed in state law), it allowed women to create debt in their own name without a husbands consent but using his income and standing. That last one was the sole remaining economic liberty that coverture still enforced in most states. That all sounds perfectly reasonable until we look a little deeper. The abolition of coverture also restricted the rights of a male with the same ink it used to supposedly free women. A husband no longer had what the law phrased as “the right to her labor”. That’s right gentlemen, once you say “I Do” your brand spanking new bride can literally sit on her ass and do absolutely nothing and you have no legal recourse to sue for divorce on the grounds of non-participation. The same goes for sex. Prior to Hugo Black’s supreme court opinion men had a legal expectation of both an active partner in the household and in her “feminine charms”. Absent those primary marital expectations a man could sue for divorce on those grounds and usually win. Until the death of coverture, husband and wife were considered one legal entity, one equal to the other in both rights and responsibilities.

I have spent a great deal of ink on the seemingly marginal importance of the legal fiction of coverture. I have done so because Third Wave Feminism did as well. It was a cornerstone of traditional marriage, and the ending of the family structure could not proceed with Western Men being equal partners in the family. The period between the slow dissolution of Second Wave feminism and the resurgence of what is now known as Radical Feminism, or Third Wave feminism between roughly 1980 and 1990 was a tumultuous time in the courts. Even though women could create debt in their own name by law, the banks and retailers weren’t stupid. The court had changed marital law, not contract law. A wife could now create debt based on marital resources without the husbands consent but under the law of contracts, coverture still existed. Men no longer had the right to disagree, but they did retain the legal responsibility for the debt the wife incurred. Women had gained the right to withhold sex, and were encouraged to use it as a bargaining chip and weapon against their husbands by the propagandist left under the guise of womens lib.

By this time the married couples were the same people who had been the counter culture libertines of the sixties and seventies. The seeds of promiscuity, drug use and the instant gratification mindset had been planted and popular culture was feeding its growth with abandon. “Womens Lib” became the catch phrase and popping pills and doing the pool boy while hubby was off working became the norm. All the while, the press lapdogs of the leftist cabal spewed an endless stream of derision and hatred for men into the airwaves and onto the pages of the newspapers and magazines. Television made marriage and family the laughingstock of nightly sitcoms and movies made infidelity and promiscuity an ideal to strive for not a moral lapse to avoid.

All the while, Third Wave feminism is building in the background. Western Men still held the economic and political high ground. The feminist/socialist alliance had pulled many blocks from the foundations of society but they simply didn’t have the numbers and economic clout to finish of the Men of the West once and for all.

By 1990 or so, the progressive wing of the Democrat party had successfully removed God from any aspect of public life to such a degree that in many places it had become criminal to display the Ten Commandments or a Christian cross in public. That trend still is in play in isolated areas to this day. There is no God in court or the schoolhouse any more. Western Men had built a civilization based on the moral and ethical tenets of Judeo-Christian thought and Third Wave Feminism was resurrected from the organizational system the progressives had used to take over academia and the press to assault that powerful building block of society. With those goals solidly in hand, they now turned their attention to back to the ultimate prize. The Feminist Final solution for Western Man.

Western Man had obligingly assisted in his own demise throughout First and Second wave feminism but he still retained an overwhelming edge in economic and political power. Something had to be done to remove that last element or the progressives risked having Men rally and stand against their plans from a position of strength. Western Mans last power was inseparably tied to the middle class economic model that had made America and indeed all the West, the most powerful civilization in history. Many Men still had their families despite the Feminist and socialist efforts to break that bond. We had survived intact almost exclusively in the flyover parts of America. While divorce and single parent households had become the norm in the socialist controlled regions of the western and eastern coasts and many of the large northern and Midwestern cities, many areas of the rural states had yet to feel the full effect of the cabals attentions. Somewhere around 1992 to 1994 they turned their eye toward those of us in the great unwashed middle. Think back to the early 90’s and into the early 00’s. Every night on the news there was another lawsuit reported against a rural school district that had some vestige of God or American nationalism left on campus. Even the pre-game prayer of small town high school sports became fodder for NBC, ABC and CBS and not just the local affiliates. The big city bureaus would do pieces on tiny little Nowhere, Nebraska because a coach knelt before every game or some nine year old objected to the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom. State legislatures from Florida to the Dakotas were dragged through a national wringer for not making million dollar accommodations to a public school district with one wheelchair bound student (often none) and an annual district budget of a half million. High schools and colleges were forced to pay billions for sports equity for females even when they had no female teams. Potty parity I’ll concede. That was necessary.

Right alongside the financial assault of lawsuit after lawsuit was used to financially break rural America, the left used its considerable power to do the unthinkable. They flooded small town America with welfare recipients, refugees and illegals. The section 8 laws were used to devastate rural land values and migrate hundreds of thousands of non-taxpaying single parent families into areas that did not have the tax base with which to support the legally mandated social services these newcomers required. Once property values had been driven down, the tax base shrank even more, all the while new and expensive federal mandates added more and more of a fiscal burden on a population that watched in shock as wages were driven down by a flood of illegal aliens and non-english speaking refugees who considered minimum wage a kings ransom compared to the 25c a day or less they had earned in their home countries. Western Men stood idly, lamenting fate and fickle government as their livelihood and savings were reduced to mere subsistence wages and worthless scraps of paper. Rural women, traditionally the stay at home types, were forced to enter the work force just to keep food on the table and pay the mortgage. That resentment at Western Mens sudden inability to meet his obligations to the family were subtly augmented by the feminist mantra of “anything a man can do a woman can do better”. The fact that no one at this point recognized the deliberate nature of the situation is a testament to the progressive/feminist alliance and their stranglehold on government, the press and popular culture. The Third Wave had arrived in small town America, and was brutally efficient at ripping apart the fabric of the American family.

How does all that tie in with third wave feminism? Remember what I said about the progressives keeping the Second Wave organization intact? When the Second Wave petered out in the Reagan era, the organization itself continued. It had simply retasked to the academic and social shadow movement and continued to spread dissent and propaganda to women. They created a multifaceted organizational structure that grew slowly and seeded dozens of smaller movements throughout the political and social landscape. Seriously, you thought that lesbian single mom who sued the school district in Columbia, South Carolina had the juice to bring a billion dollar law firm to a county school board meeting? Yeah right! And pigs fly.

Throughout the 90’s and the 00’s the Third Wave picked up steam and followers. They gained a great deal in the elite rich lady support from the coasts but they needed numbers. They got them from the many disparate groups they folded under their umbrella. Third Wave feminism barely even gives lip service to womens issues beyond cost free unlimited abortion on demand and legal superiority for women as an aside to their drive for legal superiority for anything that is not white, male and American. Third Wave feminism is the prime driver for open borders, global citizenship, extralegal status for every LGBTQ, illegal alien, climate change believer, Jihadi, Islamist, social, economic, gender or socialist refugee they can find. This brings us to the latest ally of Third Wave feminism.

Islamists. That’s right. Those shining examples of tolerance and inclusion. Those turban wearing rascals of romanticism. Third Wave feminism has finally found the Holy Grail of womens issues and lovingly wrapped them up in their arms. Asking why is like asking a shark why it has teeth. They need allies for their next move and Islam provides the one thing they lacked, a well organized militant wing. Since Third Wave feminism can’t stomach any hint of traditional family values, as evidenced by their recent Womens March, they have chosen to ally with another traditional system. Shariah. Other than that pesky little bit about women being the chattel of Islamic men, the Third Wave acquires substantial funding and an instant army by allying with an Islamist movement that advocates global Shariah as a form of womens liberation. That their idea of liberation is slavery, child rape and life as property less valuable than a goat is irrelevant. As is the titular head of the so called Islamic Womens rights movement. Their unholy alliance is another example of the hubris of leftist thought. The enemy of my enemy is NOT your friend. Just because Islam hates the Men of the West just as much as the Third Wave feminist and the progressive socialist Democrats does not make them a friend or partner. It makes them an ally of convenience. Western Men once made a bargain with the devil as well. Only in our case, had it not been for treason the Soviets would have simply imploded after WW2 instead of becoming our greatest threat. The Third Wave and its puppet masters in the socialist wing of the progressive movement have at last shown their intentions. As they march around today waving signs decrying borders and travel bans, declaring all the world Americans by right and with the anti-Constitutional judges performing a coup against the plenary power of the President and the Constitutionally defined role of the three branches of government, no Western Man should think they have taken their eye from the prize. They haven’t. They know that they have won. They just don’t know what the price of that victory will be. They should have opened a history book. Unintended consequences are a bitch.


22 Mar. 17



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