The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART II

The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART II

The Rise of Feminism and the Destruction of the Family


21 Mar. 17

First wave feminism, the only wave of the western womens rights movement that actually sought to expand womens rights, saw its efforts bear fruit early in the 20th century. Through the efforts of organized women they did manage to actually bring about a more equitable and evenhanded legal standing that had been denied by tradition primarily and in some cases settled law. Women gained much in this period, the right to vote not least in the litany. In those early years when traditional gender roles still held dominance in the economic and political arena the suffrage movement was seen not as a threat per se, but more as an affront to many in the established political hierarchy. Men had managed to move the west from horse and buggy to flight in less than fifty years, after all. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

In the end, 1919 to be exact, women were granted the right to vote in the U.S. with the passage of the 19th Amendment. While they also gained much in the legal arena, later supporters of second wave feminism used the passage of the 19th Amendment as a whipping post for its own agenda. History has shown that the legal status gains of first wave feminism were far more important, and have had a much greater effect on women than simply the ability to negate her husbands vote. The ability to enter into contracts, equal parental rights and property rights were of far more importance to actual equality. Yet it was the right to vote that caught the attention of the then growing socialist movement in America. It was at this time that many in the American Socialist movement changed their stripes and formed a new bloc within the traditionally conservative Democrat party and formed the progressive wing of the party we know today. One of the main reasons for the transition was the futility of trying to form a true socialist party in a country still inhabited by and largely run, by traditionally conservative capitalists. The socialists saw womens suffrage as a boon to their cause because they could now “split the vote” if they could convince women that what men wanted was always against the rights of women. In a brilliant game of subterfuge they began promoting other issues as being strictly womens issues in order to form a new and powerful voting base. Their efforts were somewhat blunted by the end off WWI and the ensuing economic boom that characterized the Roaring Twenties.

This political malaise for feminism as a political force, and a vehicle for socialism, continued through the 1920’s and well into the 1940’s. With the economic devastation of the Great Depression and the advent of WW2 , America simply had better things to do than spend time and energy arguing over things that did not feed their children or secure the nation against tyranny. The family as the core of American life was still intact. Men and women still relied on each other when it counted. The bonds that had made civilization, and western civilization in particular, an indomitable force against outside influence proved too deeply ingrained in human behavior to break. While the early leftists and their fledgeling minority of radical feminists made few inroads during this period, they did identify the cornerstone of the “Nuclear Family” and began planning its demise. The period after WW2 and well into the “Baby Boom” of the fifties saw little action outside the bedrooms of a war weary and politically indifferent populace. It is this indifference that lead to the death of the American family as a binding force and created the environment that soon brought about the creation of the Western Man as a second class citizen in his own home.


A simple word. A small word. But a word with exceptional power within a family structure. It means “to cover” and in legal terms it meant that a husband and wife were one, even in the eyes of the law. This simple little legal fiction turned out to be the means by which the feminist/socialist alliance could bring down the last remnants of the Nuclear Family and render Western Men impotent to stop his own demise. In 1966 the U.S. Supreme court, in an opinion by Hugo Black, stated that coverture was an archaic remnant of a caste system, despite the fact that coverture had not subsumed women into the rights of the husband since the early thirties. The remains of coverture erased by the opinion were the legal fiction that prevented a spouse from cheating and still getting everything when the marriage dissolved. Coverture treated both the husband and the wife as a single entity. If a husband failed in his duties to her, she had standing in the yes of the law. If the wife failed in hers, the husband had equal standing and the courts had to rule in that manner.

With the ink not even dry yet on Blacks opinion the feminists began their push for the ERA despite knowing it would never happen. The goal was to push for everything publicly with the ERA (which did nothing not already covered by existing law), and run a hearts and minds campaign based on the amendments opposition. The feminist/socialist alliance of Second wave feminism used the argument to radicalize more and more women and indeed, millions of men by proxy, into the counter culture movement of the sixties and early 70’s. This movement had two main agenda’s, its primary goal was to separate women from men and its secondary goal was to radicalize the education system to the point where the language could be controlled entirely by their own sympathizers. This tactic succeeded spectacularly, largely due to the Vietnam War and a press that wanted images and soundbytes for the evening news no matter the cost.

The deleterious effects of Black’s opinion are still playing out today, but lets stay in the Second Wave era to maintain our timeline. With the last legal protection of the family now gone, the path was wide open to begin the destruction of the society built on the family unit. The long game played by the socialists coupled with the political immediacy of a feminist movement rapidly gaining steam and press coverage began to pay big dividends. The cabal’s main agenda, the breaking of the bond between men and women, took root in the counter culture of the sixties and grew to ever more prominence through the mid to late seventies. Women were the focus and with a willing accomplice in the press they made major inroads into very fabric of society. The socialist activities were focused on the long game of politics but feminism pressed hard to rip apart the moral and religious foundations of society. Women were convinced by lies and exaggerations that they could do anything they wanted. They paid special attention to the younger generation of time and convinced them that drugs, sex and freedom were their right by birth and that men were keeping the good life from them. They were taught that children were the shackles and abortion the key to their chains. They pushed the mantra of America as an evil oppressor and that men especially were to blame for wars. American men. American business men to be exact. They laid no blame on communist expansion, in fact by the mid to late 70’s they openly embraced Soviet doctrine as a model for womens rights despite the fact that communism was still the primary fear in America at that time. It was at this point where Second Wave feminism began to falter. Its adoption of the socialist mantra of men bad, communism good turned off many of its supporters. While Second Wave feminism essentially died out by the early 1980’s in the U.S. it continued overseas for years afterward. At roughly the same time period, the progressive (socialist) wing of the democrat party also saw a drastic change in its fortunes. Economic turmoil, Soviet expansionism and a general distrust of anything vaguely socialist pushed the movement into the background of politics, though its adherents remained in power and in positions of influence. The ignominious demise of the Second wave was too late though. The damage had been done. The American education system, and the majority of the main stream press were solidly in the hands of the feminist/socialist alliance. The long desired split between men and women was moving forward under its own steam now. Two generations of women were now convinced that they were no more than sexual chattel in their own minds and that their sole power lay between their legs. Even the Reagan era of nationalism and traditional values could not undo the damage and the rot of American society continued.


21 Mar. 17


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