The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART I

The Feminist, Islamist and Socialist Alliance: PART I

For the Detriment of Men and the Destruction of Mankind


21 Mar. 17

No good thriller has a singular plotline. No good conspiracy has only one member.

It is now early 2017 and an important chapter in human history is coming to a close.

The age of the Western Man is ending and the new age of Tripartide Dominion is beginning. This story has been a long one, full of false starts and epic accomplishment for the Western Man. We have brought the world its first taste of true civilization and peace. The Men of the West ended the abomination of slavery. We gave the world the ability to feed itself with ease should they choose to do so. Western medicine ended small pox, cholera, plague and a host of other maladies that had ravaged entire generations from the earth in the past.

Now, thanks to Western Men, the world basks in light and warmth even on the darkest, coldest nights. We gave the world hope when we sacrificed our own to stop tyranny and oppression in countless battles, large and small. When nature turned its wrath on those that could not help themselves, it was always the Men of the West that responded with open hearts and deep pockets to render aid to those who could not aid themselves. Cities have risen from the nothingness of endless sand and the dankness of mosquito infested swamps to rival the mountains and shine the light of hope and liberty across the planet. Western Man pushed back the frontier and the dangers posed by lawlessness and tribalism. Western Man has stood between those that desire freedom and those that desire dominion for many generations now.

As those heady days of freedom and prosperity come to their close, I marvel at the world Western Man so blithely allowed to fall. I wonder at the hubris Western Man has shown by standing idle when the enemy attacked from within. For nearly two centuries the Men of the West stood in the breach to defend all they held dear. We faced outward and brought communism to its knees, held at bay the insanity of religious fanaticism, pushed back the tide of socialism and the suffering it brings.

Alas, we failed to resist the true enemy. We understood the foe that approached with iron tyranny and blades drawn for conflict. We recognized the threat of unfettered hatred and kept it from our shores. We did not recognize the enemy within. We knew to be watchful when the enemy had hard faces and ideals that were alien to our own. Western Man sealed his fate and that of freedom not by accident, but by apathy.

We failed the world when we allowed the soft voices and pleasing appearance of our own loved ones to whisper folly into our ears at night and poison our resolve to defend them, even from themselves. The march to the abyss has been long, and deliberately concealed in gentle words for much of its trail. Only recently has the enemy shown its true face and intent. Our enemy chose the battle not fought on the field of war or in the arena of ideals. Rather, it came as snake in the night, whispering gentle admonitions that weigh heavily on the hearts of Men after time. It came with subtle designs, just a little nip here and a tiny pinch there. It came dressed in a skirt with the death of a thousand cuts sewn into the hem. It came with soft hands and sweet breath asking for freedom and the question confused Western Men. After all, we were the reason that freedom existed, had we been stingy in our own house while offering liberty to all the world? Slowly, we drank from the poison of self doubt. Over generations we ingested just a little here and a little more there.

Here my dear, just one more sip, they whispered. And Men drank what was offered because we trusted.

Throughout the late fifties and well into the sixties the mantra of Equal Rights resounded in households throughout the West and Man wondered at the spectacle. We are the Men of the West, our women have the same freedom that we do! But the poison of self doubt now ran in his veins, we questioned our own world, we examined our own laws and soon we began self medicating with the same poison we had been fed for years. Men doubted ourselves. After all, our wives, our mothers, our aunts and our daughters loved us, we could not believe that they would work against us. We were blinded by the same hubris that caused Icharus to seek the sun on waxen wings. We had been invincible for so long that we did not see that women no longer cared for us, that what we had known for generations to be a fundamental truth had died in the classrooms we had built to teach liberty and prosperity to our children, boys and girls alike.

Men, in their blind love and under the influence of self doubt, failed to examine our own house. We failed to keep order for far too long. After all, we had built the system that created the Western World, how could that which we had built be turned against us? The answer is easy enough. Western man had shown that he could not be defeated from outside. But our enemies had seen our weakness. The equality of all in Western culture did not mean the sameness of all. One of our greatest strengths could be turned into a weapon that Western Man would not fight. All it took was patience and changing the meaning of a few words. With those two seemingly insignificant tools at their disposal, the end of Western Man was assured.

End Part I



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