On Hypocrisy and the Radical Left

On Hypocrisy and the Radical Left

During the presidential nomination debates the Republican Establishment sought a guarantee from Donald Trump that he would accept the results of the process. Eventually, he agreed to the promise and conducted himself accordingly. When the process resulted in his victory at the polls, his selection as the nominee by the people, the highest levels of the Republican party disavowed the process and refused to commit to the very agreement they demanded.

Now, months later, the Democratic Party sought and received the very same agreement and when faced with the peoples decision they, like their allies in the republican establishment, seek to overthrow the will of the people by any means necessary. They will not accept the results of the election. They will never accept the results of the election. For good or ill, Donald Trump will be the 45th President and neither the left nor the Republican party will ever accept it. The death of the Republican party as it has been known for decades is now an inevitable fact of political life. They will continue to undermine the duly elected President alongside their allies in the progressive wing of the Democrat party. If they cannot find a means of terminating the Trump presidency they will assuredly do everything in their power to prevent him from governing.

Under no circumstance will the left lay down their conceit and their lust for absolute power. In the now disenfranchised Republican party they finally found an ally that can and will bolster their own aims at the final destruction of the Constitution. For now, they content themselves with fomenting violence in the streets and with an expanding media barrage of blatant leftist propaganda that they feed a disillusioned base for dissemination on every social media platform they can muster the numbers to inundate. Reminiscent of the old Soviet propaganda ministry of the 70’s and 80’s, the left now feeds a never ending stream of falsehoods, fake news stories and personal vitriol to the eyes of the world every hour of every day. They call for what is tantamount to open rebellion, not against the political infrastructure that they will need if they win. They call for action against the individuals and small groups that defied the leftist machine at the polls. Their goal is not the destruction of the apparatus of political power. They seek the destruction of the base of political power.

For now, they will build hatred and distrust in order to set brother against brother, state against state and family against family. That will not be the end of their machinations. There has long been a call for a constitutional convention by several political bodies, it has thus far been turned back by the lack of support amongst the states. That will soon change. In their need to continue the leftist agenda they will redouble the effort. While many have called for a convention for various reasons, 2nd amendment and states rights among them, the problem is that once a convention is opened, there are no restrictions on the issues that can be brought forward. The left will, in their desperation for total power, seek to end the Electoral college. They already work night and day to overthrow the election by convincing the electors to become “faithless” and vote against Trump and their states. Even if they succeed in that endeavor the left will never want to risk its power in an election again. They will put forth an amendment to make the Presidency a popular vote election, thereby ensuring that only the states of California, New York and the Rust belt have a say in who becomes Commander in Chief. Leftist control will be assured and will be unstoppable by any means. The American people will have been successfully overthrown by their own hand. They have the numbers to complete the takeover and abolishment of the Constitution if they can just get rid of those pesky people out in the sticks or silence them. The left does not really care which way it goes, as long as they remove the threat to their power. They have successfully imported millions upon millions of voters into the states where they have received resistance, they need now only count their votes and call for the convention.

If they cannot overthrow the election and seat their own puppet, they will begin a push for Trump to allow amnesty for the millions of illegals under the guise of “showing that he is not the monster” that the left has made him out to be. As they did with Reagan, they will lie, cajole and deal in bad faith to accomplish that goal. It is human nature to be compassionate, and caring for our fellow man. It will be tempting to allow this one little concession in order to do so much more. The left will promise many things to a Trump administration if only he will relent and show some compassion to the poor criminals that only want to come here for the jobs of Americans. The minute he does so, it will be over. As with Reagan, none of the lefts promises will be fulfilled, they will still undermine his presidency at every turn and after he shows the weakness of believing their lies once he will not be able to govern except at the will of the left.

Never underestimate how far the left will go in order to keep the American people under their yoke. Never trust them. Never give in to their demands. Never make a deal with them. Trump wrote a book on the art of the deal. He is a master of the deal. A master, not the only master. He has never faced an opponent that was willing to spill blood in the streets to get his way. Now he will have to face the reality of an opponent that will stop at nothing, and is quite willing to use violence to achieve its goal.


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