The election is over, Trump won. Hillary lost.

Three indisputable facts.

Yet the left, that wonderful bastion of tolerance and inclusion (as long as you agree with their socialistic ideology) believes it better to continue its divisive and hateful rhetoric than to reflect on the failings of their candidate and their policies. They take to the streets to create mayhem and disorder, the same tactic they used to interrupt Trump rallies and intimidate their neighbors. The election will not be reversed to soothe their bruised feelings but they will try. They will always try. It is in their nature to seek power over others at all costs and today, tomorrow, next week or next year will be the same.

What the velvet tyranny of the socialistic left fails to recognize is that they have had their say. They have run roughshod over the rest of America for decades and they, like the petulant five year old who did not get his way, will now sulk, whine and throw things in the mistaken belief that it will change anything.

Let me ask, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, do you understand what has happened? Do you realize that your insolent behavior has brought the grownups from the big table to quiet your bickering and reinstate order to your unrestrained brattery? The results of this election have upset you. Your tender feelings have been assaulted by the adults that have, quite frankly, grown tired of your ill mannered bullying and come to put you back in your place. Are you surprised that your champion of lawless elitism and crony corruption has been turned away as the untrustworthy, forked tongued leader of the harpy brigade that she is?

No one is more surprised than me.

That’s right Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, no one is more surprised than myself at Trumps victory. Along with a great many others, I was uncertain of Trumps ability to reach into the deep well of resigned anger and pull us from our quiet bastions of sanity again to take the fight one last time to the ballot box. You see, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, you have been allowed to run rampant, trampling liberty, the Constitution, and common decency under your unshod hooves long enough. In 2010 we managed to come out of the farms, and small towns, and the other formerly safe territories far from your craphole, high crime, low moral, poverty ridden, drug addicted, deviant cities and shellac your hold on power. Or so we thought. The seeds of your destruction were planted in the soil of fly over America when the former Republican party lied to get our help then did absolutely nothing to stop your heathen agenda. Worse, the Republicans assisted in every socialist advance that your masters in DC could dream up to add to the pressure of the boot heel of oppression that you have laid on our necks for decades.

You have been told no.

The question of America’s future has been answered. The answer is NO.

No. We will not go quietly into the night.

No. We will not allow your agenda to take our freedom in exchange for your tyranny.

No. You will not be allowed to further bastardize our language for your socialist agenda.

No. Our God, our guns and our money are exactly that. OURS. You may not have it.

No. You will not be allowed to flood our homes with criminal invaders, no matter where they come from.

No. You do not have the right to burn our towns to express your outrage at whatever imagined or real slight du’jour you happen to be ‘feeling’ today.

No. Your feelings of fear and offense at our opinion will no longer be treated as settled law.

No. We will not shut up and sit down again.

Your decision to field socialist one and crook two as your champions has proven once and for all that the adults must once again pick up the mantle of teacher and guide to those that have no thought beyond their own petty desires. You, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, have proven that you are incapable of behaving as responsible adults.

You should have let the dragon sleep.

On the old maps, before Columbus, the navigation maps of the known world had a huge empty spot where America is. Instead of the greatest nation to ever grace the face of this little blue ball there was a serpent and the words “Here be dragons”. Little did the ancient cartographers realize the appropriateness of that sentiment. They feared the unknown and attributed the emptiness to danger and power beyond their understanding. How right they were.

America stood as a beacon of liberty and peace for two centuries. We warred with ourselves to reinforce the ‘All Men” aspect of that liberty. We stood against the British, the Spanish, the Germans, the Japanese, the Italians, not because we wanted to rule them. But because “We the People” wanted to be left alone. They didn’t get the memo.

Apparently you, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, also failed to check your inbox. Now it is too late. The pendulum will swing, and little that was will remain the same. This is your own fault. Trump didn’t do this to you. He had no power to affect you at all. Had you chosen a better champion for your cause, those of us in the deplorable, irredeemable, dirty flyover country would most likely have stayed home and simply sat it out, just like we did the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that.

No, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty, your comeuppance is your own whiny, politically correct, give me what is yours, do as I say or else, fracking fault. You finally, FINALLY, thank God almighty, woke my generation from its slumber. I could point out a dozen catalysts for your failure but you lack the intellect to understand the nuance of leave us the frack alone. You have proven that over and over. You fail to grasp the simplest of political concepts. You chose the path of division, deceit and corruption. Trump did not choose your path. The American heartland did not force you to cheat. My generation did not push you into socialism. You chose the path, not anyone else, YOU.

Now you will see what happens when the petulant child is put back at the little table.

Regardless of Trumps actions in office, whether he can or will do all that he promised us that he would, things will never go back to the utter chaos we allowed you to foist on our lives. We are awake now. We have found our voice again. You have convinced yourselves that what belongs to us was yours to take at will.

You took our freedom.

You took our sovereignty.

You took our faith.

You indoctrinated our children in your RE- education camps.

You destroyed our families.

You gave away our jobs.

You turned marriage into a joke.

You turned men into monsters and women into something else.

You allowed foreign invaders to occupy our soil.

You want to import even more invaders, ones sworn to murder us.

Well. I have news for you. Trump is not your problem. He is the symptom of your diseased ideology and the cure is all around you now. Take a long look at the election map. Remove the drunk goggles that Alinsky, and Marx and Obama and Clinton welded to your eyes and take a long look. When the light bulb comes on and you realize the depth and breadth of your mistake, take your own advice. Heed the words that you yourself spewed at us in your vitriolic, shrill, hatefilled voices for years.

Shut up. Sit down. Don’t make us say it again.



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